Glenfiddich 25 years old Rare Oak – Original bottling – 70cl


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Single malt whisky – 43%

The Glenfiddich 25 Year Old Rare Oak was originally released for the Travel Retail market.

Matured in European Sherry butts and American Bourbon barrels for a rich, sophisticated character and remarkable depth of flavour, our Rare Oak 25 Year Old is married together in small batches to create a truly luxurious and velvety smooth single malt.

Over two and a half decades of careful maturation results in a complex and intriguing whisky that’s a real treat for the discerning palate. Large Spanish Sherry butts gradually impart a deep, rich fruit flavour to the liquid while smaller American oak barrels infuse this prestigious single malt with soft vanilla notes and just a hint of spice.

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