Glen Ord 1965 40 years old – Samaroli – b. 2005 – 70cl

This bottle is currently up for auction at At the bottom of the description on this page there is a direct link to the auction that you can click on. There are more (and much better) pictures of the object and a little more information about the bottle and the distillery. If you want to get back to our page about whiskey auctions, click here.

Denna flaska finns just nu på auktion hos Catawiki. Längst ner i beskrivningen på denna sida finns en direktlänk till auktionen som du kan klicka på. Där finns fler (och mycket bättre) bilder på objektet och lite mer information om flaskan och destilleriet.

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First】: Amber gold wheat feeling somewhat lactic acid coconut feeling calm and complex acidity 【Middle】: From the frequency that it will soak into the tongue it will not go far up to the bulge of the rich body but sweet spreading middle fruit feeling Is it an apple? 【Finish】: nose omission · returning mildness of wheat feeling Salt is also long long relaxing nuts

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